Don't miss out on iherb.com

For those of you who have not yet tried iherb.com, what are you waiting for? I love iherb.com. They have awesome customer service and a great selection of vitamins and organic products. I could spend all day(and I have) looking at all of their organic skin and hair products. You will not find a better selection or better customer service anywhere online. If you use this code at checkout (IGA854) you will save $5.00 instantly if you are a first time customer. No minimum amount to purchase. I have not been buying alot lately because of my money situation but I still go there to browse for hours and silently cry over all of the products that I want desperately and cannot afford right now. Check them out! TYPE AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!! YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!


IT'S BEEN AWHILE..........

Hello Guys!!!
I know it has been a long time since I have posted. This is because I have been dealing with thyroid issues and the stress of not having insurance to go along with it. I also have a 17 year old daughter who has been acting up for almost 2 years now which does not help with not feeling well. I still buy beauty products to try out but with money being tight, it is not as much as I used to buy. My husbands job is not an enjoyable one and he has not got a raise in many years but yet the price of living keeps skyrocketing. It is a little depressing!!! I am still a stay at home mom until my youngest goes to kindergarten in the fall. I will be looking for work then and trying to find one that I do not have to hire daycare for because then it would take most of my money from working. I do not have a college education so I will probably be working for minimum wage and cannot afford expensive daycare.

I might have to rename my blog beauty product ex-junkie Dannette if my money situation doesn't improve. I am praying for everyone that is struggling in this economy and I hope it gets better.

Enough of the depressing stuff------ Has anyone tried any great products lately????

More later.............



I need a new bathing suit----Please help!!!!!

I go through this every year!!! I wear a dd-ddd bra and I cannot find a bathing suit that gives me support or that will even fit. I run around to all the stores and it gets so frustrating. I do not want to spend all that money to order online if they may not fit. I have found some really promising tankini tops online but they are expensive and I am scared they will not fit. I need one that fits like an underwire bra. If it does not have an underwire it is not going to keep the puppies up ;)!!! If anyone has any ideas---PLEASE, I BEG OF YOU, HELP ME!!!!


Schick Personal Touch Razor----Need a replacement!!!

I have used the Schick personal touch razor for well over 10 years. Now after apparently living under a rock where razors are concerned, I find out they no longer sell the replacement blades or razors in stores.

I recently bought a couple different types of razors and they don't even come close to replacing my personal touch. I've seen that you can buy them on ebay or amazon marketplace but they are kind of expensive in my opinion.

Does anyone know of a razor that would be as good as the personal touch razor? If you were a longtime user like me, what do you use in place of the personal touch now? I would appreciate any feedback.


I got a new straightener from Sally Beauty

This is a really great straightener. It is called ION TITANIUM PLATINUM 5/8" KOMPACT DUAL VOLTAGE STYLING IRON. It cost about 30.00.

It is a mini straightener and is great for styling side swept bangs. It is a must have for shorter hair styles like mine.

It comes with a heat resistant,insulated travel pouch. It heats up to 386 degrees. I will say that you cannot adjust the heat so that would be the only drawback to this wonderful straightener. It only has an on/off switch and it says that it heats up to 386 degrees. It does not seem to be too hard on my hair.

It really is easy to handle. It is lightweight and not cumbersome. It leaves my hair really shiny and managable. But it doesn't "smash" my hair. My hair still has body and movement but is sleek and shiny. Hope that makes sense.

This product is defintely worth a try if you are looking for a new straightener(or to add to your straightener collection if you are like me).

Wow,I got alot of blogging done today. I feel proud:) Now I gotta go make my daughters cake for her 16th birthday!!!!



I know you will find this hard to believe. I am a neat freak!!! Even though my cabinets are overflowing and I have to constantly rearrange them, I really like things to be neat. This is always a challenge with the amount of products that I have, of course. I called it chaotic organization. I will post a picture so you get the idea.

Anyway,I found these makeup organizers at Target on clearance. I absolutely love them for keeping my daily stuff organized.

I put them on top my bathroom dresser with my mini speakers for my mp3 player. They are perfect and I do not know how I lived without them. Sorry, a little dramatic I know. You will understand if you have as much as I do and still value organization.

If you have the space in your bathroom for these, run to Target now and get your bathroom organized. Then you can breathe a sign of relief and maybe not forget what you actually have stuffed in the cabinet. The problem is I need about 20 of these.